Hey world!

Why does this exist?

Feb. 13, 2023

I've got a more heavy-duty product that generates long-form articles at Wraith Scribe. And it writes SEO-optimized articles in 1 click.

Customer Feedback

One thing I noticed when talking to various freelance writers / bloggers it that they're concerned that it doesn't 'keep their voice / sounds robotic' if they use AI.

Wraith Scribe can be made to not sound robotic, but it can't adapt to your voice specifically.

For Some Reason...

People enjoy writing articles from scratch. But most people are annoyed by having to edit text. Wraith Scribe actually has an AI-powered suite to allow you to edit text, also in 1 click very easily, but since it writes blog posts in 1 click for folks, it takes away from the pleasure of them wanting to write everything from scratch.

Why WraithDocs?

Wraith Docs is a lightweight version of Wraith Scribe, where it'll give user the AI-powered editing elements of Wraith Scribe, without the ability to generate blog posts in a 1 single click.

I also wanted to create WraithDocs as a testbed for newer features that'll be implemented into Wraith Scribe's text-rich AI-powered editor (because it's easier to add features on WraithDocs than Wraith Scribe).